You want a wardrobe that's beautiful, sustainable, and unique.

A wardrobe that fits. Clothing that flatters. Materials that you feel good in, and good about.

Is that so hard to ask?

In a world of "fast fashion" and "disposable clothing," it's hard to feel great about what we wear.

After the initial high of a new purchase, the excitement wears off.

Did you really need it?

Is it going to last?

Is it really something you'll love and appreciate for years to come?

And... who made it?

So you reached the point of wanting a more sustainable wardrobe. You value quality over quantity, and style over trends.

But now comes the hard part: finding clothing that is beautiful, sustainable, and that you can actually wear.

We've done that work for you. The Essentialist Guide to Sustainable Fashion shows you how to build an eco-conscious wardrobe in just 3 simple steps.

You'll learn how to:

  1. Streamline your wardrobe to the pieces you absolutely love
  2. Identify the gaps in your closet
  3. Fill those gaps with pieces from sustainable brands and designers

Ready to start feeling better about your wardrobe?

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